alright so ive seen this compilation post, uploaded by batmanisagatewaydrug around a million fucking times and i’m reuploading it instead of giving it more notes because it’s already at like 220k or something ridiculous like that and i’d just like to say

  1.  theroguefeminist isnt exactly known for phrasing things well & is not always well liked among sj people. what i think they were trying to say is that it’s important to recognize valid parts of people’s identities, as the original post seemed to endorse the “I don’t see you as (x)” sort of mentality
  2. i call bullshit on the messages. OP just wanted notes at the expense of feminism
  3. thebitterfrenchcanadian’s faq confirms that this is a joke and you are all gullible
  4. wolfstirfry’s sidebar says ‘that post was a joke’ on it
  5. it’s not anyone’s responsibility to educate people who are hurting them, and the commenter was making the point that OP was unlikely to have experienced that
  6. troll anon. see use of vuv and incorrect understanding of cultural appropriation
  7. emeralddragoness has deleted but honestly i think this boils down to what a person is comfortable with themselves and OP was rlly rude in response
  8. troll anon again
  9. the way this is full of buzzwords and the cutesy emote at the end makes me think its a troll post although dating, as it doesnt exist in nature, is technically a social construct (not that that’s a bad thing)
  10. this was posted by a literal neo-nazi white supremacist, formerly known as sophia-kaminski. she’s literally the furthest thing from social justice you can get. also, a note to the commenter, race is not just skin color

conclusion: tumblr is gullible as hell and will take any excuse to hate minorities who are sticking up for themselves


Okay no. This is terrible. Guys. I really, REALLY need you to raise some awareness on the riots in Scotland. Violence has broken out. Videos have come out of voters kicking and attacking each other. There’s alleged (I use the word alleged as I am not sure) stabbings and an attack with the weapon being the hammer. 

Glasgow City Centre is absolutely rife with violence. Scotland did not vote for violence, riots and absolute shameful acts of hatred in this country. People are being attacked, it’s dangerous and the fact that this isn’t being broadcasted whatsoever baffles me. Not really actually, due to a bias. 

Just, please. Raise awareness. Reblog this. Those in Scotland, stay safe. As much as it is ridiculous to say, yes badges, stickers? Take them off! Saltires, don’t make them visible. Do not engage with any rioters. Just please be safe!

This is only one picture of what’s happening. I won’t even link the videos. It’s disgusting.





Why isn’t anyone talking about this?

Watch non black cosplayers and lovers of cosplay stay silent on this.






this is what is going on in scotland right now.

dont ignore this.

there is NO coverage of the rioting on the news which is why its so important that you dont ignore this. 

please stay safe if you live in scotland. 

my partner actually went to the yes rally in george square a couple days ago and said the no guys were indeed doing nazi salutes

we are not making this up there’s video and photographic proof of neo nazi attacks
please educate yourselves and if you’re in Scotland keep yourselves safe




Shaun King exposes Ferguson PD lie about distance from SUV

Click here to watch the video

This needs to be brought to attention IMMEDIATELY!!!!!

I don’t even understand what they’re expecting anymore. if they can lie to us to our face and us KNOW the truth, what power do we have , then?

Had another go at Not Quite SA-Style, featuring Sally, Bunnie (clothes based on a pic Ben Bates did), and Mina (hair lifted from Drawloverlala). The background was one I’d made a few months ago.

Had another go at Not Quite SA-Style, featuring Sally, Bunnie (clothes based on a pic Ben Bates did), and Mina (hair lifted from Drawloverlala). The background was one I’d made a few months ago.

Waaaay back in second grade (after we moved to our current home; I’d started second grade at a different school), I was really miffed over my school’s Pokemon ban, ‘cuz I was a huge Pokemon fan and now I couldn’t talk about it until after school, with a bunch of toxic bastards who I still think would have gladly tossed my body in a ditch if they could get away with it.

(To give an idea of how strictly-enforced it was, there was one time I had to pull a card because I brought in a sales flyer for an assignment that happened to have Pokemon in it—though, I did bring attention to it like an idiot—and multiple times where I got in trouble for drawing Pokemon or creatures that looked like them. All I remember being told when I arrived at that school was “don’t bring the games, cards, or toys on campus”.)

So one night, I dreamed that this ban extended to Digimon (which it probably did in real life). Everyone was essentially locked in the cafeteria and not allowed to talk (either about Digimon, or at all); I was all “isn’t this a little extreme?” and tried to protest, only for one of the teachers to literally throw me out into the hallway. I landed on my knee and woke up.

The weird thing (and the point I was getting to)? My knee was hurting in real life, which seriously freaked me out. (Thinking about it, I might’ve just banged it on the bed frame)

I believe the translation is “"Il n'est pas si mauvais ; vous dois juste apprendre à composer

Alright, thanks!

A while ago, I had this idea to draw Rayman telling a very grumpy Sonic “It’s not so bad; you just gotta learn to cope” in French, since Rayman is of French origin. But I can’t speak or understand French; I’d intended to try translating that myself, but ran out of motivation to finish the pic before I’d ever gotten to the “writing dialogue” part. So, could anyone give me a translation (or nearest equivalent phrase if it’s not something that translates well into French) in case I pick that back up?