When Sonic Boom: RoL and SC come out, pay attention to what the major professional game reviewers say about it.

If they give one/both versions a low score over superficial things/problems that do exist but aren’t deal-breakers and spend even one paragraph whinging about issues the series as a whole hasn’t suffered from in years, or if they praise it only because it (looks like it) plays more like Jak & Daxter/Ratchet & Clank, find a nice wall to bang your head against.

(Much as I like GameInformer, I’m dreading their reaction as they’re more or less Classic purists)

Back in ‘05 or early ‘06, I made a Riders outfit for Blaze that basically consisted of a tube top and arm warmers (and a feather). Zero Gravity would come along and give her this catsuit (hurr durr) that didn’t impress me; the boots were nice, though.
This is my revamp of Riders!Blaze, using my old pre-ZG design with elements from the canon one. I considered leaving her pantsless as before, but the black tights balanced her colours better.

Back in ‘05 or early ‘06, I made a Riders outfit for Blaze that basically consisted of a tube top and arm warmers (and a feather). Zero Gravity would come along and give her this catsuit (hurr durr) that didn’t impress me; the boots were nice, though.

This is my revamp of Riders!Blaze, using my old pre-ZG design with elements from the canon one. I considered leaving her pantsless as before, but the black tights balanced her colours better.

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I would probably stop trying to argue with that one guy (His username fails me at the moment). The obvious use of smilies and poor sentence structure tells me that they're either too young or too close-minded or too apathetic to understand. I don't think it's worth confronting them further but that's just me.

Yeah, I’ll probably have to drop this before I go insane. (His username’s soulthemechanic, by the way)





….Again. First World Problems on the internet. =__= why? Because I simply don’t care.

Well, then. Have fun being an empathetic black hole.

Oh you mean going through life, doing what i am so suppose to do not giving a fuck what anyone says and have unbreakable confidence. So i can do my bills, take care of my family when needed? Then yeah. I will be a blackhole. The best motherfucking black hole of self-perseverance.

Nothing that’s going on in your life makes it okay to dismiss emotional and sexual abuse as “first-world problems” just because the victims tried to talk about it online. I don’t know how much clearer I can make this to you.






heres what these people did to me and my friend

eds other urls are edwhine and yellowlegs

sol was poppysaide but deleted because people talking about what they did made them “feel unsafe”

please avoid

sol is also the person i was…

So warning us instead of taking care of the problem? I took a look at that link. All I saw is a regular tumblr page bitching about feguson. (I agree with the bitching on ferguson) If I wanted to give a pity party about tumblr users being harrassed by bots or SJWs who have nothing else to do with their lives. I would still be following psyguy’s victims on twitter. We have more important things in our lives than just tumblr. Once again First World problems while the rest of the country is in jeopardy. We have a virus that is destroying the world we speak, a journalist who can’t stop rubbing her clit like a madlady, and a young man who was shot for no reason. Please. Tell me. How much should i give a fuck that two idiots couldn’t call the police of tumblr? or report it to their local law enforcement instead of sending a psa. That doesn’t help us. That only brings more popular towards the accused as page views. That makes them more powerful. Hate or Positive. Please. Chill your shining armor ding dong down.

Okay. It’s obvious that you wouldn’t get the point even if it was physically beaten into you, but I shall attempt to inform you:

1) The link leads to a chronological account of the abuse that Sol and Ed heaped upon the OP and their friend. 

2) If you’re talking about the OP’s blog/normal posts? It looks like OP’s doing what I’m doing and spreading awareness of the events, which believe it or not, is not worthless. Do you know how much I’d know about Ferguson were it not for social media? NOT A DAMN THING. (Or nothing reliable, at least. tumblr has a much bigger impact on things that you’re willing to acknowledge.

3) Do you not understand how important it is to warn folks that certain people are dangerous? Reporting them is good, but tumblr is not the only social media site that Sol and Ed could be on, and if no one speaks up about/provides evidence for their crimes, it’s easier for them to victimize people.

4) PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE ONE-TRACK MINDS AND CAN CARE ABOUT MORE THAN ONE THING. The fact that OP is reblogging info on Ferguson should’ve clued you in. This is the fallacy of relative privation.

5) You should care because two people got manipulated and abused, and are now trying to warn others away from their abusers.

(And on another note, “madwoman who won’t stop rubbing her clit”? What in the Nine Hells?!)



WASHINGTON, DC — Earlier today, the National Bar Association filed a lawsuit against the City of Ferguson, MO and the Ferguson Police Department seeking any and all incident reports, investigative reports, notes and memorandums prepared by Ferguson Police officers, in-dash camera video, photographs, cellphone video and recordings in connection with the shooting death of Michael Brown. 

The National Bar Association also sent a Preservation of Evidence Notice to both entities requesting that they preserve the police officers’ raw notes of all statements, observations, and data collected from the scene of the incident, specifically including the officer involved and all responding officers, officer detail logs from the crime scene, and video & photographic evidence related to the August 9, 2014, fatal shooting of Michael Brown and subsequent arrests of protestors in the City of Ferguson.

"There can be no full, fair and accurate accounting in any state or federal criminal or civil action unless any and all footage is carefully preserved," stated Pamela J. Meanes, President of the National Bar Association. "We want to ensure the family of Micheal Brown and the residents of St. Louis understand correct measures are being taken to protect evidence regarding this tragic incident."
In wake of the recent events taking place in Ferguson and across the country, the National Bar Association has developed a task force that will evaluate complaints of police misconduct and/or police brutality nationwide, an online petition has been created calling for an independent investigation for the death of Micheal Brown Jr. and an open book request has been filed in 25 cities and states for information on police actions.

The lawsuit comes days after the City of Ferguson Police Department released the name of Darren Wilson, the officer identified of shooting Brown.


Hey, White Americans. We Need to Talk.



According to a Pew Research survey, only 37% of white Americans think the events in #Ferguson raise important issues about race.

Okay, fellow white people. We need to talk.

Let me tell you a story: I was an angry punk teenager. Not violent, but I did a shitton of trespassing, and I got into a lot of screaming matches with cops.

I have never been arrested.

I have never been violently attacked by police. Hell, I have never been seriously threatened by police.

I am fully aware that I’ve survived to adulthood largely on the benefits of my race.

When you are white in America, you get away with all sorts of shit. Have you read this account from a white dude who actively tried to get himself arrested? You should. It’s telling.

So, if that’s your main frame of reference for dealing with law enforcement, it is really easy to assume that when someone else gets targeted by the police, they must have done something really bad. After all, you know the police aren’t that petty, right? They’re there to help: That’s what TV tells you, what your teachers told you, what your parents told you. “If you’re in trouble, find a police officer. They’ll help.” And, y’know, if you’re white, most of the time, that’s probably true.

When you’re white in America, it is awfully easy to pretend that you don’t live in a country where the nonviolent physical presence of black people, especially black men, is considered sufficient threat to justify use of lethal force. It’s really easy to pretend that laws are enforced equally; that arrest rate has any demographic resemblance to actual crime rates; that the police are there to protect us from the bad guys.

And, I mean, I get that. It’s a lot more comfortable to pretend that safety correlates to virtue than to confront the ugly truth that a system that benefits you very directly does so at the cost of other people’s lives; that what you were taught was the just reward for being a good person is, in fact, the privilege of your skin. That’s a big part of why we work so hard to retcon narratives about how the black people our police murder must have been dangerous, highlight every casual infraction like it’s a killing spree. We are so desperate to believe that the system that feeds us is just.

It doesn’t feel good to acknowledge that stuff. It feels gross. A system we trusted—one we should be able to trust, that should work for the benefit and protection of everyone has made us accomplice to some deeply horrifying shit.

But here’s the thing:

This happenedThis is happening. Not recognizing it; stonewalling and insulating ourselves in our little bubbles does not make it go away.

And not acknowledging it, not having asked for it, does not make us any less complicit, or any less responsible for owning and fixing this. We are actively benefitting from a fucked, corrupt, murderous system. That is on us. As it should be.

So educate yourself, get the tools, and start dismantling this fucker. You have the time: after all,  no one’s shooting at your kids.

Privilege is the bandwidth to speak up and dismantle because you’re not in fear for your life. And there is no conscionable excuse for failing to use it.

My friend Rachel says smart things.

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I share Anon's frustration that people aren't active in local government, but you're right that people showing up to vote isn't enough. As Breitbart is gloating, going "of course you lose when you don't show up," Mayor James Knowles (R) ran unopposed in 2013. Only 6% of blacks turned out to vote (vs 17% of whites), but at the polls their only option was Knowles. I don't know if I should go "see how hard it is to fight entrenched power?" or "OH COME ON, SERIOUSLY? NOBODY EVEN TRIED TO BEAT HIM?"

"It’s hard to fight entrenched power" sounds like the appropriate response.

Admittedly, I dunno much about politics, but isn’t it kinda illegal to have no opponent on the polls?